The Belgian space policy

The Minister in charge of space policy is Elke Sleurs, Secretary of State for Science Policy.
The High Representation for Space Policy defends the interests of Belgium within the international institutions which address space policy.
The scientific aspects of the space policy are managed by the space division of the PPS Science Policy.

The Belgian space strategy

Space policy has become one of the major challenges of research and development policy on the international and European levels, and the space technologies and applications are instruments which increasingly serve decision-making in the various public policy areas.

Belgium must remain actively involved in these developments, in particular so that the investments which our country has already made in the area of space continue to yield their value. The main objectives sought by the High Representation for Space Policy are the following: to strengthen our scientific and technological know-how within growing areas in the sector; to offer our industry the possibility of tapping new markets; and to provide our governments with all of the space instruments which are necessary and useful for delineating and implementing their policy. (more about the Belgian space policy)


  • Statement of the Belgian Representation during the 1st "Space Council" meeting - 25/11/'04 (EN)


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